Touch of the Sublime

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New Products

What’s New:

We have re-introduced LIQUID HAND SOAP to our line—available in all of our scent varieties.  By popular demand, we now package BUTTER BALM in a handy Push-style Tube as well as in our familiar tins.  A jar of RAIN DROPS Facial Cream is a totally new addition to the line, formulated without fragrance for sensitive facial skin. And, to round out this year’s innovations, we have begun packing an old favorite – BATH SALTS – into a sleek new tube topped with a handy wooden scoop.


But wait! We have also updated our fragrance list with 4 new exciting scents – EGYPTIAN LINEN, OASIS POMEGRANATE, RUBY GRAPEFRUIT, and for the true traditionalists among us, JASMINE ROSE.


Earlier in the year we must have had a real rush of chocoholic cravings (well, actually we found a great source of great tasting chocolate flavor!) and began making Butter Lips in CHERRY CORDIAL, CHOCOLATE MOUSSE, ORANGE BON-BON, and RASPBERRY TRUFFLE in addition to our already popular Mint Chocolate flavor. We also found winners in RASPBERRY LEMONADE (our new best seller), POMEGRANATE, and MANGO MADNESS (my personal new favorite).