Touch of the Sublime

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About Us

Established in 1998 Idaho Falls, Idaho


Rainy Creek Soap Ltd. Co. is a family operated business specializing in the production of fine handcrafted bath and body products. Rainy Creek serves hundreds of gift shops, sharing this happy bit of Idaho across the country.

Specializing in natural, cold process, HAND CRAFTED SOAP, our expanding product offering is an indication of our enthusiasm for what we are about and our dedication to provide an ever growing line of fine products for both our new and established loyal customers.

In addition to our luxurious SOAPS, we offer HAND & BODY LOTION, SCENTED BATH SALTS, BUTTER BALM BARS, and now BUTTER LIPS Lip Balm too! Our unique lotion formula has an incredibly silky finish and our bath salts are heavenly. Butter Bars are a soothing lotion in a solid bar - truly different!

Often Asked: “How did you get started making soap?”  A rough-cut unwrapped bar of hand made soap was purchased on vacation many years ago. When I first used it I was amazed! It had a wonderful lather and it felt so different - so clean and yet soothing to the skin!   I couldn’t find hand made soap for sale in town, so decided to learn to make more for myself.

After much research, trial, error, and finally success (!) I came up with a wonderful soap. I gave some to neighbors as gifts who came back asking to buy more. A first offering of 250 bars of soap at a craft fair at Christmas time 1997 sold out fast and I went home with orders for more. 

Rainy Creek Soap Ltd. Co., became an official business in January 1998. Our first soaps were made in the kitchen but are now produced in our converted basement work shop.

What’s New: We have re-introduced LIQUID HAND SOAP to our line - available in all of our scent varieties.  By popular demand, we now package BUTTER BALM in a handy Push-style Tube as well as in the familiar Tins.  A jar of RAIN DROPS Facial Cream is a new addition to the line, formulated without fragrance for sensitive facial skin. 

  Welcome to our Website where you will see for yourself why we claim that

Rainy Creek Handcrafted Products are

A Touch of the Sublime!





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